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My son, ZT, has just turned 10 months today. I am left with 2 days to complete my checklist for my bumble bee's much-awaited Dedication day. In our church, the parents mark a date in their infant's life when they will publicly dedicate him before the Lord. This is what Joseph and Mary did to their boy Jesus (Luke 2:22) at the temple. When we dedicated our firstborn, I remember doing a lot of scrap-work, designs for the program and invites, crafts for give-aways, practices for the special numbers and community singing, contacting of visitors, and coordinating the venue and participants in the program. I can say I was really well prepared then. But with my little boy, I feel guilty for buying too much time. I was such a procrastinator! Good thing I already have a checklist based from our first time. I hope this list will somehow help you in your preparations if you intend to dedicate your child in the Biblical way.

Let me share with you my checklist of materials/elements for this event:
1. Invitations - electronic or paper card
2. Give-aways
3. Program leaf
4. Tarpaulin
5. Food/catering/restaurant
6. Balloons
7. Dedication cake
8. Sound system/lights
9. LCD for video playing
10. Guest book
11. Minister
12. Musicians/Special number
13. Photographer/Videographer
14. Venue coordinator/decorations

And here is a sample of the creative worship program flow on Child Dedication which we intend to use for our bumble bee this Sunday:

I. Meditation time (reflection message in the program leaf on Dedication)
II. Simple community singing (praise and worship team, led by a worship leader)
III. Congregational reading of the Scripture on Dedication
IV. Special number (song or poetry)
V. Video Presentation
VI. Exhortation to the Parents, god-parents and congregation
VII. Commitment of Parents, god-parents and congregation
VIII. Dedicatory prayer
IX. Parents' message
X. Closing Prayer
XI. Benediction
XII. Closing Song
XIII. Reception

You are definitely free to customize everything as long as you keep the main thing the main thing - to honor God by dedicating your child to the Lord with a pure heart. It can be as simple as a dinner gathering with your family members in the house and inviting over your pastor for the exhortation from the Word, or a more elaborate one -- with dancing, singing and buffet. Just keep the main thing the main thing.

For more details on the Child Dedication Service and materials, click HERE.

If you have any ideas you wish to share, by all means, post a comment.
Your tips might just help a blogger who will be led by God to bloghop to this post.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there! Aug. 20 na, Oct 21 and plan namin for child dedication. Nagre-research ako ng ideas. Anong special song ninyo sa ceremony. Kasi balak kong kumanta during the dedication of our baby girl. I'm glad to come across in this site. I will come back and visit. God bless and God is good all the time! Jer. 29:11...Mhel

Anonymous said...

hi there, thanks for this blog..its very helpful in my planning for my baby's dedication come this october 4, 2008. i pretty agree with most of the things you've shared here..thanks a lot..God bless you!:)

p.s. Did you hold the dedication outside the church or during a church service as what the tradition/usual is?..Twit

Anonymous said...

hi, thanks for this blog. its really helpful. God bless you!

Rachel Tabuena said...

thank you for your encouraging ideas from the heart. Just like you i want to prepare for a special dedication celebration for our daughter.

Anonymous said...

Again - thanks for sharing this! Love it! :)

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