Monday, August 18, 2008

Miracle Monday: My Hi-5 Miracles

Not that I only have five blessings since last week, but that God has highlighted for me 5 things I know made Him smile. When he smiles, I believe there are times when I am not smiling at the on-set of a not-so-pleasant circumstance. But after a while, when everything makes perfect sense, I think of His awesome power. Then, I smile. Am I making sense?

Hi-5 is my daughter's most favorite children's program among her favorites such as VeggieTales, Barbie movies and Barnie. Even though we only have 6 episodes in our collection, I think my family has grown to love this program and the 5 performers (the premier cast) mainly because we can sing and dance along with good music/singers and dance moves/dancers. Good is definitely an understatement! We should really consider burning them for back-ups especially now that my 2 year old is exploring the DVD player already and could possibly scratch our few precious copies!

I would like to take the challenge of categorizing my sweet miracles from the Lord based on the 5 "supah dupah" 1998 characters: Kathleen de Leon, Tim Harding, Charli Delaney, Kellie Crowford and Nathan Foley. Woooh! Here goes...

Kathleen de Leon-Jones,
a former member of Hi-5, is a
talented Filipina singer and dancer. Her segment was on dancing, crafting, and puzzles with a playful puppet named Jup-jup that either stole objects which Kathleen is working with or leaving her gifts. Her plans always get thwarted fortunately and unfortunately when Jup-jup unexpectedly meddled. My Kathleen miracle last week came to us during our son's Dedication day. ST's accident almost made us postpone the Dedication, but when God nudged us to proceed as initially planned, we found out that blessings were waiting to be unwrapped! The event became more meaningful to us, and more prayers were uttered for ST which is definitely why we were able to leave the hospital soon to pay only P190 [$4] from the total of P18,000 [$440] hospital bill!

Tim Harding, the former band performer of an
Australian group called Compos Mentis and now an ex-member of Hi-5, had his segment on making music either on musical instruments or on the turn-table. He is the composer/singer who did not seem to be the dancer in the group, but definitely moved boys and girls to groove with his music. My Tim miracle would be the extraordinary strength I and my hubby MP had yesterday to serve God on stage with our Fil-ethnic team. We see ourselves as the not-so-talented vocal singers with unrefined skill in playing our assigned instruments, but each time we stand on the stage to do our assignment, I feel God's affirmation. Yesterday's "worship" gig needed a miracle because our kids slept really late last Saturday, and our son extended his early morning feeding. We were bit wary on being late and tired, but He woke us up with wholly awake minds and bodies. Aside from serving the 2 morning services and baby-sitting our 2 little kids in between, we also had to be with our co-leaders for the afternoon launch of Reaching Out. What a challenge! MP who was overtaken by weariness and sleepiness already begged off to serve the Vesper, but God, his dad and his mom encouraged him to do this last stretch by faith. I was happy that he experienced his day's miracle. Just like Tim, we sure had a swell time making blessed dum-duh-duh-duh-dums, but not just for pleasure. It was for God who is the source of our strength.

Charli Robinson-Delaney, the beautiful singer, actress and yoga instructor from Newcastle, New South Wales who is also a recent ex-member of Hi-5, had her segment on encouraging body coordination and skill development through dancing, hopping, jumping and stepping. She has become my favorite Hi-5 for her cute kiddie moves, cute voice, cute smile, cute body and cute personality. She is just sooo cute! When ST sees her, she would jump off the sofa to dance and sing alolng. She reminds me so much of my theater life. Ah... I miss performing! My Charli miracle is definitely my singer, dancer and actress daughter coming back to life! Not that she passed out or anything worse than that, but that she's so alive again as if nothing happened! Her strength and wellness is truly a miracle! If I think of the many stories I've read or heard about how childhood falling caused an amputation, kidney failure or anything of permanent damage, I can only thank God for His miracle on my darling ST.

Kellie Hoggart-Crawford, a former teeny-bopper of Teen Queens, still performs with Hi-5 along with Nathan Foley who broke up an engagement with her. Kellie and Chats' segment of the show promotes and educates children on language skills and recognition of sounds and noises. We can say that among the 5, she has the widest experience in television. And, regardless of her husky-to-almost-hoarse voice in singing her assigned songs, the children's show has greatly benefited from her versatile acting and magnetic presence. My Kellie miracle must be my blogging career. Writing is definitely out of my league. As I always say, I am more of a talker than a writer. My husband and few friends have now started to notice my blogs, and I am amazed that I could get some of them to comment. To make my readers stop, read, and think are already great. But it is "grandest" when they chime in. I really love them chimming in! Writing my thoughts down in such a manner that will affect others is a miracle. Thank God for His encouragement, and hopefully I could earn a living out of this. WHAT?! Writing as a profession?! That would require a bigger miracle! LOL!

And last but not the least...

Nathan Foley, another veteran of Hi-5, is the most versatile performer in the band. He started performing at the age of 10, and for me, is the most talented. He is only 27 years old, the youngest in the group, but already gathered numerous awards both in solo and Hi-5. His genre ranges from Rock, Soul, R&B and Jazz. He is the best dancer in the group and has the widest vocal range, singing as the formidable Tenor. This guy from Liverpool, New South Wales has his segment on blue-collared work, handicrafts, play and movements. My Nathan miracle is the few but special opportunities I am still given to use my professional skills. Sometimes, I pray that opportunities to do what I really love doing - teaching voice, conducting a choir and singing in a really good choir - would fly by. I do not regret getting married and having my kids, it's just that being a mom is already a full-time job. It can really make me wonder when the next time would be. Plus, there are not much part-time job opportunities for my line of work here in the Philippines. God is just generous to give me Spratleys here and there once in a while.

These are the things I boast in the Lord, my big and little Hi-5 miracles from heaven. I am praying for a simple miracle now for me and my family - that God would send Hi-5 in the Philippines for a concert. What do you think? Will it be granted? *wink ;)

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RoseLLe said...

Hi5 to you Mommy Gracy...I'm so encouraged and blessed every time I read your posts. I can see how God's hands work through you...parang He is moulding you to be a 'PW' not only 'PDIL'...hehe.

Anyways, Tim and Kathleen are no longer with the Kathleen mommy na din at si Tim after his motor bike accicdent di na din nakabalik. May kapalit na sila.

Pag umuwi kami i'll try to bring Hi5 CD's for little ZT...paalala mo sa akin, kung di pa kayo nakaalis (Japan) :)

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