Friday, July 04, 2008


A week after giving birth to our little "baby ball" (as we fondly call ZT who is now eight months old), my small family decided to have a week-long stay in the ancestral house of my husband MP. Our moving day was exactly ST's second birthday. Because of a bad fall during the sixth month of my pregnancy, my right hip and thigh had to undergo physical therapy. And since MP's house is closer to Capitol Medical Center, we preferred staying there - MP, me, ST, two nannies and our newest member, ZT. I have to mention quickly that this entry is not about how I walked again after my painful CS. This is actually about our baby boy who cooed, smiled and laughed as early as two weeks old.


His older sister ST was a happy infant, too. But unlike ZT, her smiles were what the Infant Behavior and Development categorizes as spontaneous smiling. ZT had those too like the first two pictures displayed at the left. His tita, MP's youngest sister, took these still-shots the day we arrived at their house. But few days after, he was already smiling back voluntarily!

His first "real" giggle was when he was a month old babe. I remember playing with him - pulled my breast while he sucked, and just when he expected for it to be in his mouth, I pulled it out again. I thought he would cry, but he did not. To my surprise, he giggled, and giggled, and giggled!

When we brought him to the Pedia for his first check-up, he gave the doctor a good stare. He managed to have an eye-contact, then smiled and cooed! I asked the doctor if that was normal. It was already quite disturbing that I had to finally pop my Q not minding if I would sound silly. I discussed with her my comparative observations on ST and ZT, and told her that I have not heard of anybody seeing a 1 month old baby communicating so early. She kindly gave me a pacifying look and said, “Mommy, maybe he’s just advanced compared to your first baby.” The doc and ZT had a long cooing session afterwards. I was relieved.


Up to this day, we still have the early morning sleep disruptions, but ZT’s happy disposition makes our waking time a fun time. He cries until he gets his morning milk; and when we are not so fortunate, he would stare at us with his chinee, wide eyes as if to say, “so what’s next?!” That is now the cue for a morning playtime.

He actually became his Papa’s alarm clock for consistently waking up at six. He loves looking at the flower prints on our beddings and curtains, and often, reaching out to them would cause him to fumble. Good thing He has not fallen off from our bed yet, and hope he never will. He is blessed to have a very protective Papa and a grandma who bought a nice, padded crib for all the grandchildren. ST was the first, and now it's ZT's turn. And we are making sure he will pass it to the next in good condition. Hopefully, the next babies will NOT come from us!


My bumble bee can now recognize people, and cries often at the sight of unfamiliar faces. He still gives that please-talk-to-me look occasionally, when he is in a really good mood; but, some people who enjoyed his congeniality earlier are now sad to see him terrified at their presence.
I’m happy that we were able to take some snapshots of ZT's days-old precious smiles. These pictures serve as a proof that God gave him the gift of smile from the day he was born. Who knows, he could have practiced his facial and vocal muscles probably days before his due... while he was still in my womb.CH

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Reflexes said...

it’s really good that you start blogging mare. im sure your kids would love to read these love posts of them someday.

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Posted: Fri Jul 04, 12:01:00 PM 2008

jsharene said...

he really has a very adorable smile, my nephew...biiiig HUG to my dear SOPAS!!! :-D

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Posted:Fri Jul 11, 02:38:00 PM 2008

Mymes said...

yes yes!! he really is a happy baby!! bembem ball!! =D

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Posted: Sun Jul 13, 01:34:00 AM 2008

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