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Thanks to Mitch of Etc|Atbp for this tag!

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1. I was born on August 12, 1976. They said I am a Leo in the Year of the Dragon which makes me a born leader, a fighter and a "lucky" person. I say God already had me in mind before He even created the whole universe. That makes me a somebody! I am... by the grace of God.

2. I have 3 other siblings, all are girls. We are really tight! They said no one will deny the fact that we are sisters because we are look-alikes. We chose different professions, but we are all singers/musicians in our own right, and equally active in serving the Lord. God gave our family the gift of music.

3. My father is a retired teacher of CAT and PE, while my mom, a retired elementary teacher turned School Directress. I did not experience poverty growing up even when teachers' noble profession was paid meagerly during my parents' time. Ingenuity was added to our small family income through poultry, gardening, and a small preschool. The combination of my father's magical green thumb and my mother's big heart made the ends meet. Presently, our family is running a Christian school for preschool, elementary and high school. Indeed, God blesses the sacrifices of His children.

4. I met my husband in our church. I was the choir conductor, and he, he was one of our bass singers who later appointed himself to be my personal piece page-turner (when I accompany the rehearsals on the piano). To make the loooong story short, we repelled, then compelled, then... propelled! LOL! Ours was a roller coaster ride. In the 6 years that we were together as friends, we had 6 splits... a ratio of 1 break-up per year! We became more stable in the last year before we decided to tie the knot. Many church family and friends prayed for us when we entered the engagement stage. I believe that cemented our commitment.

5. Before I became a housewife, I was an active church conductor, a singer for a paid professional choir, a member of a touring choir, a theater practitioner, and a voice and piano instructor. Because of the hectic scheds of the usual performances and nocturnal nature of my "professions", I decided to quit them altogether when I got married. It was an act in honor of my new husband and my new profession as a wife. This decision was affirmed by God when I found out how delicate my first pregnancy would be. I got pregnant immediately after our honeymoon. So, in the first year of our marriage, I have enlisted two great people to shout ENCORE on my stage especially during meal time.

6. I was a very sociable person. I think my motherhood has tamed the loud and proud me. When I was still single, I have had numerous acquaintances whom I treated like best friends. That is how show-business is. But now that I spend more time in the house with my kids, I realize that there were only a few with whom I really got "intimate": Ghieghie in grade school, Ajeen and Esterlee in college, and six other girls in the church whom I will not name anymore so no one gets jealous in case they visit me here. Peace!

7. I love the families God gave me! My family, the family of MP (inlaws), our church family and of course, my family with MP are all precious to me. I really think it is going to be difficult to live apart from the families I now have. If ever God sends us to some place afar from them, I see myself doing all possible means to connect. However, I am willing to build new relationships to create a new family where I can feel belong. That would be easy with the help of the spiritual brothers and sisters scattered around the globe. Koinonia power!

I may not be able to pass this tag to 7 people because of my very limited blogroll. But to the few namely Jill, Shiela, Jean and Eigriv, would you be so kind to answer this tag, and let me know when you are done? I would love to know you more. Graci! Pacem!CH

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christine (strawberrygurl) said...

i love all your answers. i'll link you up on my blog if you don't mind. :)

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

wow, colored heart! looks like you're a professional singer! i bet you can sing very well!! God has given you this beautiful gift and you've use it to serve Him. Praise the Lord!! :)

thanks for the tag, i'll try to do this as soon as i am finish with my current tags, k! :)

Jean Chia

Michele W. said...

Wow, what an interesting life! You are the same age as my daughter.. makes me feel old! lol...

We are helping our daugther homeschool our 13 year old grandson. He had a very trumatic first year in public Middle School her in Phoenix, AZ. He was beat up almost every day for months! The school said they were doing all they could do to protect him.. . so Heather took him out of school and is now homeschooling. My husband is a full time pastor and full time public high school history teacher. He says it is bad in the schools. When they took prayers and discipline out of schools it all went down hill. Praise the Lord for your family for running a Christian school. We both were teachers at christian schools years ago.

Thank you for your post. Hopefully you get this comment.

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