Monday, July 14, 2008


I think my family had Sudoku fever!

I say "had" because it subsided a bit. During its height, I did not catch the virus because I think I got a shot of the Sudoku vaccine before hand. It's like my left-brain gets jammed up each time I hold a puzzle and try to fill out the empty boxes. The reaction was more like an allergic attack. No kidding! The constriction of my logic muscles is instantaneous! It's debilitating!

Once, my hubby encouraged me to try it by explaining the object of the game enthusiastically and making it look so easy. He usually gets me to participate with that tactic. But this time, not one part of my brain signed up. I remember giving MP a nervous laughter after a loud cheer for accomplishing a not-so-easy edition from the newspaper.

I sometimes felt funny watching my in-laws seated an arm away from each other while silently unlocking the mystery in every puzzle on the table. I know they enjoy it, and I'm happy that they get mentally stirred like that. I just feel I'm too right-brained for it. Helping my daughter color her Winnie the Poo and Dora books is a better destressor.

Please don't judge me. I really tried to know more about the game. I even researched in the net about it. Wikipedia gave me a thorough information from the history and strategies - scanning, markup and analysis - to its numerous, interesting variants. I learned that it has a background of diverse influences which made it not all-Japanese at all.

Many publications sort their Sudoku puzzles into three or five rating levels. An easy puzzle can be solved using only scanning; an intermediate puzzle may take markup to solve; a hard puzzle will usually take analysis. - Wikipedia

These are the kinds of puzzle published in the newspaper and Reader's Digest, and in digital Sudokus. Though I do not intend to play the game, I am amazed of its intricacies. Mind-boggling!

If to understand it is through literary art, then this "verbal caricature" (as the author Meera would call it) can help shed some light to my featured engaging mind-game. I liked how she paralleled Sudoku to life. It helped me appreciate Sudoku somehow.

The Sudoku poem

Numbers in columns

invisible digits
Numbers in rows
or however one sees it…

See them
amble, glide
dart, slide.
what solace
when after a brief tussle
they snuggle into place…

But sometimes
when I am all but done
or think it was sheer fun
two twos side by side
push, shove, bay
and my bliss turns to dismay…
Or when a six can be here
or there or anywhere..
When most numbers are fluidly mobile
my mind is less agile
doesn’t it trip and trudge
till the Sudoku is but exhausted fudge…

But the Chronicle brings challenge and hope anew.

Isn’t Life such too?
Issues, choices
dilemmas, voices
problems solved by insight
others achieved by default
things learnt in hindsight
some unlearnt, unresolved
others too messed up
steps impossible to retrace
Perhaps just to be glossed over with grace.

Never mind…

Life has a Daily Edition too.

If you have some time to spare, try having a quick stop for SUDOKU somewhere here at my site!

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