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My daughter's two names mean "wisdom" in Greek and "a direct petition or short, sharp cry of a distressed heart sung out in supplication" in Hebrew. A few seconds after I read the positive sign on the pregnancy kit, a powerpoint presentation-like vision came to me. It flashed wisdom and prayer. Right there and then I felt that strong nudge to seriously consider these two words in naming our firstborn.

We were just a month-old, married couple when ST was carefully formed in my womb. We learned of her existence when I was two months delayed. My hubby was thrilled! I was nervous. Thank God for the vision which helped me accept the pregnancy. It was a rollercoaster ride alright; but now that I have her, after all the pains I went through, I wholeheartedly say the ride was all worth it!


I almost lost her from excessive bleeding during the 4th month. I remember MP and I were watching the late Sunday replay of the 2005 NBA finals on the local TV station when I had the painful lower abdominal cramp. I went to the bathroom to see what gushed out of me, and I almost fainted at the sight of blood. It was a little past midnight when we got the strength to rush to a hospital. But to get a cab, we had to walk few blocks away from our apartment. It was like a staggered walk to Golgotha minus the mocking and whipping. Well, it was my fault. I insisted to go with MP and did not want to be left alone. Fear was written all over me. Alas! The OB's verdict was a month-long complete bed rest. For a sociable and outgoing person that I was, this was worst than a house-arrest! I was not allowed to sit, stand or walk. I'm just so blessed that my husband was there with me all the way. If mine was a walk to Golgotha, his was a daily crucifixion! He had to wake up early morning to cook a meal good for breakfast and lunch, and to bathe and clothe me before going off for work. He made sure I had enough water (when Maynilad could not deliver) for the whole day. He did the washing of the dishes every night, the weekend laundry and house-cleaning, and even the cutting of my toenails since I was not also allowed to bend, not even to carry things or move around. My boy-next-door looking hubby successfully matched the demand for sacrifice and hardwork for the love of me and the baby. How else could he have succeeded but through divine grace. After a month, I was asked to remain slow and continue with the meds.


God used my baby's names to comfort me during the whole term of my perilous pregnancy. I remember what my Ninang Ellen, a faithful intercessor and mentor in prayer said. "Prayer should be a non-stop belief on God's power. And after uttering your petitions, you must decide to embrace His peace." That is true dependence. If not for the peace I embrace in every prayer, I could have succumbed to depression. I cannot even begin to think where that would have led me. Family and church friends were very helpful through prayer and fellowship. We were just cautious not to laugh too much or do anything that may induce contractions. In other words, no prolonged LOL's!

Before we knew of ST, I was into a deep study on the books of James and Psalms. According to the Bible scholars, James is the New Testament's wisdom book while Proverbs is the Old Testament's. I think God meant for me to learn about wisdom for the circumstance that was to come. "Even before this valley, He has gone before me in triumph." A profound thought like that would need wisdom to understand. He preceded me! Like a wind, He passed through me, and went ahead of me to where I was going. Then, He met me again just when I needed a second wind.


Names are very important to us. We want our kids to see themselves destined for greatness by the names they bear. I am glad my husband and I were spared from asking around or buying Naming books just to have the right pick. Although I also spared some time researching for the appropriate foreign translations just so my daughter would not end up being called "Wisper" (a hypothetical nickname if I combine the two English words). Since the Bible was originally written in Greek and Hebrew, we thought it best to search Greco or Jewish terms that sounded feminine enough for a name.


ST, now a two year old pre-nursery pupil, is a strong headed girl, very opinionated and talkative, sometimes to the degree of being boisterous. She likes to sing, dance, and read aloud (or, should I say, "pretend to read') on top of her lungs, on top of any platform - a chair, a stool, a bed, even a table! She is so adorable! Someday, if she sings or delivers elocution before an audience of a hundred or more, I think she may pull it off for simply performing without the aid of a microphone. But, more than the possible glam she may gain from being a natural performer, I pray God will make her a wise and prayerful woman who would bless others with God's wind and peace.CH

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Reflexes said...

this is a testimony of how great our God is and how faithful He is to his children. we love you ST...from t' R, t' C, ate RD and ading CN

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Posted: Tue Jul 08, 07:41:00 PM 2008

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

great testimony! I would love to have meaningful names for my children too. You're a woman of faith! God Bless!p/s: ST is so cute!! :)

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Posted:Tue Jul 08, 09:07:00 PM 2008

Gie said...

You got adorable baby girl. Hope my pregnancy well goes smoothly. I got two due date, the last one was Jan.12 then after my first ultra sound, they change it to Feb. 6. So, it could be somewhere on between. Keep in touch!

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Posted: Wed Jul 09, 07:08:00 AM 2008

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