Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Daughter's First School Exam!

What is this? My Pre-Nursery daughter is having an exam?!

Actually she already finished her exam this morning.That was my exclamation in my ridiculed tone. I honestly got stressed out thinking of ways to help my 2 year old ST understand her Pointer For Review which was given to her 2 weeks ago. The 300-Item Evaluation covered her class subjects Reading, Language, Math, Science, Writing and Music & Movements. I feel like sharing the scope of ST's evaluation and what she got. So here goes...

Test 1 - Reading (50 points)
a. Identify same objects (2 questions, 10 points each)
b. Identify what is different (2 questions, 10 points each)
c. Identify the things that go together (1 question, 10 points each)
ST's Mark: Satisfactory

Test 2 - Language/English (50 points)
a. What is your name? (25 points)
b. How old are you? (25 points)
ST's Mark: Very Satisfactory

Test 3 - Mathematics (50 points)
a. Identify red, blue, yellow and green (5 colors, 10 points each)
b. Identify square (10 points each)
ST's Mark: Very Satisfactory

Test 4 - Science (50 points)
Point and name the parts of your body. (10 items, 5 points each)
ST's Mark: Excellent!

Test 5 - Writing/Fine Motor Skills (50 points)
Demonstrate the correct coloring/writing position
ST's Mark: Very Satisfactory

Test 6 - Music and Movements (5 points)
Sing the song "Good morning, Teacher/Classmates" associated with clapping of hands
(to the tune of Happy Birthday To You)
ST's Mark: Very Satisfactory

All in all she got a VERY SATISFACTORY mark! I am more than satisfied for the mark she got. Aah, thank God she remembered all that we reviewed although that one with Satisfactory mark was something we expected to be a bit difficult for her. No pressure though; she has another year in Nursery to learn the concepts of "same" and "different". For most of her VS marks, it helped that even before she started schooling, we already taught her those items. The mother in me is very proud of her performance yet, somehow worried for the new lessons which are a bit challenging to teach. But, of course, we will not put pressure on her. As much as possible, we try to present every lesson in a light, playful manner so she will enjoy learning more. We have to remind ourselves that at the end of the day, our homework-driven daughter is still a baby. She can just speak out her mind louder than the other babies her age.CH

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RoseLLe said...

congrates! mommyG and daddyP. galing naman ni little ST.

yan ang na miss ko dito...they still have tests but they don't give 'Pointer For Review', test na lang agad. that is why i'm really thankful to the Lord for RD. lagi na lang kaming na s'surprise at the end of school year.

jsharene said...

congratulations! i'm sooo proud of my niece!!! :-D

blessedmom said...

wow! congratulations! great job mommy! :) im impressed with ur daughter! bright kid! huh! mana sa mommy? im sure! :)

Denise said...

Woo Hoo, your daughter did so great.

clay4Him said...

Mana sa daddy... c",)

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