Thursday, July 24, 2008


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It's true I have never seen you and we have never met.

Never shaken hands or even truly hugged and yet!

I know for sure you care for me by the kindness that you give.

And our keyboards keep us together doesn't matter where we live.

So I give you this gift to put a smile on your face .

And to let you know in my heart you have a special place.

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I would like to thank my good friend, Mommy Virgie of Life Is A Gift and Journey And Journal from whom I snag this tag. Also, to Vicy the author of this tag. Through this, I would like to honor my few faithful blogmates for sharing your bloglife with me. You are my teachers and inspiration. I hope to become better in this art of writing. I still am restrained by my fears and limitations, but reading your blogs opens my mind to many things I think I can share my thoughts about. Blogging has now become my inner world, and hopefully, I will find myself earning somehow (hehe) from few opps available for moms like most of you.

I, therefore, honor YOU with this tulip-ful vase (based on who came to visit REALITIES first) my dear mentor/friend Roselle, Joy Burlinson, Lovejoy, Mitch, Shiela, Jean Chia, Peejay, Achi, Mommy Ruby, Rach, Jill, JSharene, Myma, Aleli
and Revy. REALITIES basically exists because of you! Thank you for making my blogging a worthwhile addition to my colorful life. Keep visitng!

Hope you could find time to share this tag to others. God bless you!CH

5 chimed in:

peejay said...

wow... i like tulips! thank you, sis! we, your family, are always here to support you.=)

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

hi colored heart! it's really thoughtful of you to think of me! and i love these tulips, they are beautiful! Love & Hugs!!

Jean Chia

christine said...

wow, multicolored tulips. i love tulips! :)

blessedmom said...

you are the sweetest my friend! thanks a lot for remembering me eventhough i've been very busy lately with my babies :)

you are special! stay sweet and keep the kindness in your colored heart :)

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

hello colored heart! I've posted this tulips in my blog. im sry it took me so long to post this out. :) Thanks again for passing this tulips to me. I love it! :)

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